Sunday, July 5, 2009

Coconut Maida stuffing


Maida flour- 1cup

Egg - 1no

Sugar - 6 to 7tsp

Gratted Coconut - 1/2cup

Water - 1/2 glass

Salt - to taste


1) Add maida flour,egg and salt in a bowl and add water little by little, mix well in a dosa batter form

2) Separately mix gratted coconut and sugar well and keep aside

3) Heat a tawa and spread the batter like dosa, heat both side for 2mins each

4) Then spread the coconut and sugar mixture to dosa,  fold the dosa and cut it into small pieces

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Padma said...

Thanks Rekha for visiting my blog. Regarding you query about joining the event, just post any dosa recipe in your blog and send the recipe URL with the details asked to provide to my email address. Let me know if you want any more details.
You have a nice space here will visit you more often and expecting your entries dear :)


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