Monday, July 13, 2009

Chilly paneer


Paneer (cut into small pieces) - 250gms

Capsicum - 1no

Onion - 1no

Green chilly - 2nos

Ginger&garlic paste- 1tsp

Soya sauce - 1tsp

Chilly sauce or tomato sauce - 1tsp

Salt - to taste

Oil - 3tsp


1)Heat oil in a pan and add paneer cubes , fry them it turns light brown, drain and keep aside

2)To that same add onion saute them for few mins

3)Then add green chillies and ginger&garlic paste fry them till the raw smell goes

4)Add capsicum and salt saute and cook for 5mins...then add soya and chilly or tomato sauce.

5)Finally add the fried paneer cubes and mix them well.

Goes well with: Fried rice, chapathi and naan


Sanghi said...

I do this often! Yummy!

Vibaas said...

i love it. this looks sooo yum!

Rekha shoban said...

thanks sanghi and vibass...this is the first i did sangi.

Saraswathi Iyer said...

Nice one.

sangi said...

chilli paneer is my fav.dear!

Rekha shoban said...

Thank u saras and sangi.

ganga said...

nice recipe favourite dish


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