Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Sangi of simply delicious have passed me the

Kreativ Blogger Award.Thank you very much for nominating me.

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About me:

•My interest is blogging.

•I love to try new types of cookeries.

•I am a classical dancer.

•Friends are my strength.

•I spend lots of time with my baby.

•I want to start a website quite soon on  my recipe's

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Veg. roll


1)Maida - 1cup

2)Carrot gratted - 1no

3) Cabbage gratted -50 gm

4) Capsicum - 1/2no

5)Green chilly - 2nos

6)Oil - 5 Table spoon

7)Salt - to taste

To make stuffing:

1)Heat oil in a pan and add the chopped Boiled potato(mashed finely),greenschillies, carrot, cabbage, capsicum and salt.
2) Fry them until the raw smell goes and keep aside.


1) Knead the Maida flour with required quantity of water and salt and keep aside for 1/2hr

2) After the dough become soft,  roll and spread to the round size

3) Then spread the stuffing and roll them

5) Heat oil in the pan, deep fry the veg. rolls

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fried idly


Steamed idly - 5

Onion - 1no.

Tomato - 1no.

Green chilly - 2nos.

Red chilly powder - 1/2tsp

Ginger&garlic paste - 1tsp(if required)

Spring onion 

Salt - to taste

Soya sauce - 1/2tsp

Oil - 4tsp


1) Cut the idlies into small cubes and heat oil in a kadai, put the idly and fry them till it turns light brown, drain and keep aside

2)In the same kadai with oil, add onion saute them for few mins..then add ginger garlic paste and green chilly saute till the raw smell goes.

3)Add tomato fry till oil separates

4)Add red chilly powder, soya sauce and salt, cook them for few mins

5)Then add fried idlies and saute well and garinsh with spring onion

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Egg Curry


Egg - 4 nos

Onions chopped - 2 nos

Tomato chopped - 1 no

Ginger chopped - 1tsp

Garlic chopped - 1 tsp

Gratted Coconut - grind them finely

Turmeric powder - 1/2tsp

Chilly powder - 1 tsp

Coriander powder - 2 tsp

Garam masala powder - 1/2 tsp

Fennel seeds - 1/2 tsp

Salt - to taste

Oil - 2 tsp


1)Heat oil in a pan , add fennel seeds, onion saute till it becomes transparent,add ginger,garlic and saute it for a minute

2) Then add chopped tomatoes and saute it till the oil seperates

3)Add all the powders ,salt and saute it for a minute and add little water to make it a bit gravy and boil it for 5 minutes

4) Add coconut paste with it and allow it to boil on a low flame

5) Finally break the eggs and drop it into gravy and cook for 5mins

Goes well with: Rice, Chapathi and Parata

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lime rice with potato fry

Lime rice


Boiled Rice - 2cups

Lime (juice) - 2nos

Oil - 2 tsp

Mustard seeds - 1tsp

Urad dal - 1tsp

Channa dal - 1tsp

Ginger - small piece

Salt - to taste

Tumeric powder - 1tsp

Coriander & curry leaves - to garnish


1)In a heated kadai put oil, add mustard seeds allow it to splutter then add channa and urad dal,ginger, saute till it turns light brown.

2)Add tumeric powder, curry leaves and salt.

3)Add lime juice and boil it for 3 mins. Then add the boiled rice, mix well and adjust the sat. Garnish with coriander leaves. Lime rice ready for serving.

Potato fry


Potato - 250 gms

Oil - 3tsp

Mustard seeds - 1tsp

Onion - 1no

Garlic flakes - 2nos

Tumeric powder - 1/2tsp

Red chilly powder - 1tsp

Coriander powder - 1tsp

Fennel seeds- 1/2tsp

Coriander leaves - to garnish

Salt - to taste


1)Peel the potato skin and cut into small pieces and keep aside

2)Heat a kadai, add 3tsp of oil, add mustard seeds and fennel seeds

3)Add onion, garlic,potatoes, salt and all powders mix well,  close the lid...after 5 mins open the lid and fry the potatoes (open lid) till the potatoes become dark brown ( saute the potatoes often during the fry).Potatoes ready for serving.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Chilly paneer


Paneer (cut into small pieces) - 250gms

Capsicum - 1no

Onion - 1no

Green chilly - 2nos

Ginger&garlic paste- 1tsp

Soya sauce - 1tsp

Chilly sauce or tomato sauce - 1tsp

Salt - to taste

Oil - 3tsp


1)Heat oil in a pan and add paneer cubes , fry them it turns light brown, drain and keep aside

2)To that same add onion saute them for few mins

3)Then add green chillies and ginger&garlic paste fry them till the raw smell goes

4)Add capsicum and salt saute and cook for 5mins...then add soya and chilly or tomato sauce.

5)Finally add the fried paneer cubes and mix them well.

Goes well with: Fried rice, chapathi and naan

Onion chutney


Small onion - 10 -12nos

Tomato - 1no (medium size)

Urad dal - 1tsp

Mustard seeds - 1tsp

Garlic flakes - 2nos

Red chilly - 3nos

Tamarind - small piece

Oil - 2tsp

Salt - to taste


1)Heat kadai, add oil,mustard seeds and urad dal fry till it turns brown. 

2) Add curry leaves, onion and garlic saute for few mins till the raw smell goes off. 

3)Then add tomato and salt fry till it turns soft. 

4)when it becomes chill grind them along with tamarind into fine paste 

Goes well with: Dosa and idly

Friday, July 10, 2009

Paneer dosa (kids menu)


Dosa batter 

Paneer - 3 to 4 cubes(chopped)

Carrot gratted - 2tsp

Green chilly  -1/2 no. or pepper powder a pinch

Coriander leaves - 1tsp(chopped)

Ghee  to sprinkle


1)Heat tawa and put the dosa batter and spread them round

2)Then add gratted carrot, paneer, green chilly and coriander leaves 

3)Sprinkle ghee around the dosa

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bread upma


Bread - 6 slices

Onion - 1no

Tomato - 2nos

Red chilly - 2nos

urad & channa dal - 1/2cup

Ginger&garlic paste - 1tsp

Curry & coriander - to garnish

Oil - 2tsp

Salt - to taste


1)Cut the bread into small pieces and keep aside

2)Heat kadai and add oil, mustard seeds, urad, channa dal and curry leaves. Then add onion fry till it becomes transparent, add ginger garlic paste and red chillies saute them for 2mins

3)Add tomatoes and salt fry till it becomes soft. Then add the bread pieces and garnish with coriander leaves

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Coconut Maida stuffing


Maida flour- 1cup

Egg - 1no

Sugar - 6 to 7tsp

Gratted Coconut - 1/2cup

Water - 1/2 glass

Salt - to taste


1) Add maida flour,egg and salt in a bowl and add water little by little, mix well in a dosa batter form

2) Separately mix gratted coconut and sugar well and keep aside

3) Heat a tawa and spread the batter like dosa, heat both side for 2mins each

4) Then spread the coconut and sugar mixture to dosa,  fold the dosa and cut it into small pieces

Urad dal Vada(Methu vada)


Urad dal - 1cup

Ginger - small piece

Green chilly - 3nos

Curry leaves

Coriander leaves 

Salt - to taste

Onion - 1no

Oil - to fry


1) Soak the urad dal in enough water for about 3-4 hours. Drain the water completely from soaked urad daal, add salt and grind it to a smooth paste.

2)Chop the green chillies, curry leaves, ginger, onion, salt and coriander and add it to the paste. Mix well

3)Then make the paste in round paste and heat oil in a pan and put the paste to the oil 

4)Fry till it turns golden brown

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ada Payasam


Rice Ada - 1cup

Sugar - 1 1/2cups

Milk - 1cup

Water - 2cups

Cashwnets - as required

Ghee - 2tsp


1)Boil the ada with water till it becomes soft

2)Add sugar and heat for 15mins. The sugar should compeletly dissolve.

3)Then add the milk and boil them for 10mins

4)Finally heat ghee in a pan put cashwnets fry till it turns brown then add it to the payasam

Tomato Chuttney


Tomato - 5nos

Oil - 3tsp

Red chilly powder - 1tsp

Tumeric powder - 1/2tsp

Mustard seeds - 1tsp

Salt - to taste

Asafoetida (Hing) - 1/2 tsp


1) Heat oil in a pan, splutter mustard seeds and put hing

2) Add tomatoes fry them finely. After the tomatoes becomes soft add tumeric powder, red chilly powder and salt.

3) Fry them till the oil separtes

Goes well with: Idly and dosa

Health Tips:Tomatoes are rich in vitamins (A, C, Calcium) and fiber.

Idly Upma


Steamed idly - 4nos

Onion - 1no

Red chilly - 2nos

Mustard seeds - 1tsp

Urad dal - 1tsp

Bengalgram dal - 1tsp

Salt - to taste

Oil - 1tsp

Coriander & curry leaves - to garnish


1)Powder the idlis with hand. There should not be big lumps.

2)Heat oil and add mustard seeds. When they start popping up, add curry leaves and green chillies.

3)Fry a bit. Add turmeric and powdered idlis. Mix well. If required, add salt (Idlis will have salt, so be careful while adding extra salt).

4)Garnish chopped coriander leaves.


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